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Monday, October 25, 2010

Shisha Tobacco and Shisha Pipe

When you are starting out with smoking hookah, you should purchase the shisha in smaller sized packages and try a lot of different brands. Each different brand of Shisha Tobacco will be different, and the quality can be a huge difference.

One orange flavor from one brand will taste good, and then another orange flavor from a different brand can taste horrible.

There are hundreds of different flavors of shisha to choose from. It is a good idea to buy smaller sized containers of shisha. The best kinds of hookah coals to get are all natural.

Pipes also differ in size from large to miniature, with each one being more appropriate for different purposes – from parties, to small groups of friends, to private use. Pipes are also made from various materials nowadays, some of which are less durable than others. Certain materials can also have adverse health effects for smokers.

Most shisha pipe merchants sell three main sizes, a small, medium and large version which vary both in height and weight. If it will be mostly for personal use, there's no need to buy a gigantic pipe.

Again, if your pipe will be primarily for personal use, one hose will be fine. Most nargila pipe merchants sell one, two, three and four-hose pipes.

Other well-known brand names that you may come across if you're in the market for a pipe are Nammor and Mya Saray (a popular Chinese brand). The Egyptian pipes, while they are higher quality, also tend to be quite pricey.

Many Chinese pipes, for example, are made of inferior materials that may not be entirely safe to smoke through. There's some speculation that smoking through a copper pipe can be poisonous to humans, although no solid scientific studies have proven the exact effects. But it's probably better to be on the safe side and pay a little more for a quality pipe made of reliable materials by a respected brand.

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